Feature film. 

Director : Martine Doyen

Production : Hélicotronc

Shot on Arri Alexa Mini and Lomo Anamorphics

In postproduction

I’m new here


Director : Bram Van Paesschen

Production : Savage Film

Dark Rider


Director : Eva Küpper

Production : Serendipity Films

Schrijven in de lage landen

Portrait film

Director : Eva Küpper


Documentary = Cornered in Molenbeek

Documentary series

Director : Sahim Omar Kalifa

Production : Zonderling


Feature film

Director : Benny Vandendriessche & Dirk Hendrickx

Production : Inti Films

Shot on Arri Alexa and Master Primes

Golden Glows Afterglow

Shortfilm-collaboration with The Golden Glows.  Director : Benny Vandendriessche.  Shot on ARRI ALEXA.  Soon to be released.


Commercial for London-based production company * Rattling Stick*.  Operated second ARRICAM Lite with set of beautiful Anamorphic lenses.

Hooverphonic “The Night Before”

Music video First single on the new Hooverphonic album.  Noémie Wolfs first video with the band.

Lipton TEA

3 infomercials for Lipton Tea, Shot in Kenia on RED.


Shortfilm for fashion-duo Capara.  Shot on HDCAM with pro35 and Zeiss lenses. 


Music Video for “Icon”.  Shot on HDCAM - soon to be released.


Editing of Music Video “Crawling from the Wreck”.  Second single on the new Daan album.

Boyamba Belgique

Documentary shot in Congo.  Production Serendipity Films.

Axelle Red

Making of new album “sisters and empathy”.


Our efforts have been rewarded.  VAF has approved subsidies for the development of this film.


Music Video for new Daan single “exes”.  Shot on HD with Pro35 and Zeiss Superspeeds.

Peking express for Spain

Second series for Spanish Quattro.  Take off 20th of April 2009.

Bobbejaan Schoepen

Music video for all-time cowboy Bobbejaan.  Shot in his homestudio with HDCAM and Fujinon Digiprimes.


Music video for Arid.

Kris Dane

2 Music videos for Belgian Upcoming STAR Kris Dane.  See my “work” page for these stunning videos.  Both shot on HDCAM. One with pro35 and Elite Primes, the other with Fujinon digiprimes.

Format : HD 1:2.35


Series of 12 films on Belgian artist Dirk Hendrickx, shot on location.  3 episodes are in the can so far, shot in Poland , California and Spain.

Format : HD 1:2.35

Peking Express France

La Route des Dragons, M6 France

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia...  Stockshots for new series on french television.

Peking Express France

October 2007

La Route des Incas, M6 France

Television series shot in Brasil, Bolivia and Peru.  Kanakna Productions.  Two months of pure beauty !

Link to website M6

Peking Express Spain

May 2008

New adventure for Spanish Television.  Shoot starts 22nd of May ends 10th of July !!

The one and only original PE !. ****Russia - Mongolia - China**** !

Troost U

‘tableau vivant’ with Dolores Bouckaert.  Directed by Benny Vandendriessche.

Format : HD 1.66:1


Februari 2008

New Hooverphonic video. Shot on HD with Pro35 and a nice set of lenses !!  Format : HD 1:2.35

Watch the video at “work”.

Joss Stone

December 2007

Commercial Starring Joss Stone as the new Flake girl.  Arriflex 235 with the nice Angenieux Optimo zoom and lovely Cooke S4 primes. mmmmmmm...

Thanks Tonio, for this great opportunity !!!

Format S35

Production : Weilands UK

Watch the video here

Beyond Boundaries

March 2008

Television documentary shot in Nicaragua.  Three week shoot from Pacific to Carribean Coast. 

Beyond Boundaries BBC

Carl Rottiers - Director of Photography

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